tmux 1.3: equivalents for down-pane and up-pane

tmux is a terminal multiplexer, just like screen(1). However, tmux is actively maintained and is in my opinion much better. Due to these developments, it could happen that something stops working or becomes broken from one version to another. The upgrade from version 1.2 to 1.3 caused that the commands down-pane and up-pane were no longer working. My shortcuts were bound to these commands, so I got some error messages when starting the new version. Instead, you should use select-window instead with the target pane parameter:

down-pane becomes select-pane -D
up-pane becomes select-pane -U

While the Changelog suggests to use the flags -t:- and -t:+ respectively, it is a bit problematic since it does not rotate when you want to go from the last pane back to the first pane. So that's why I use the alternative flags. This might cause trouble if you prefer vertical splits, in that case you should use -L and -R. Not a perfect solution, but it works.

It's ok, but what happening

It's ok, but what happening if I split the withow horizontal?
Like this:

| 1 |

If i stay in pane3 the `select-pane -U` is ok -> I go to pane1
But if i stay in pane2 then i go to pane1...

With tab i want to go pane3...

Thx: RY

Indeed, that's a problem and

Indeed, that's a problem and I don't know what to do about it. Hopefully future versions of tmux will take care of this.

After a source-diving, i'm

After a source-diving, i'm using "bind x select-pane -t :.+" and it gently cycles through the panes: maybe that helps?

Thank you, I was looking for

Thank you, I was looking for this solution.