x11vnc: Shift key does not work

An annoying problem arised when using x11vnc as a VNC server on one of my machines. Whenever I connected to it the Shift key did not appear to work from the client. For some people this is no problem because they have no notion about using capitals, but I do care. I tried two clients, both showing the same behavior, so I knew this was a server-side issue. Running xev (package xorg-tools) on the server showed me the desired behavior: the Shift key got captured after all. And Caps-Lock also just works.

The solution is using the -xkb flag when invoking x11vnc (or simply add the line xkb to your ~/.x11vncrc). It enables another (more powerful method) of matching different keyboard layouts, by means of an Xorg extension.

Thank You very much for this

Thank You very much for this solution, it worked perfectly!! I ran into this problem when I decided to stop running a permanent vnc server and started using ssvnc instead.

Thanks again!!!

big thanks

I just installed x11vnc today, and immediately ran into this. This saved my day in like 5 secs. Thanks!!!


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thank you too!!! Smile

Thanks from me, too!

Thanks from me, too!

Dittos: Just what I needed.

Dittos: Just what I needed.

Thanks for the Quick Fix


Thanks for the quick fix.

Working great now. Big Smile

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PS: I see it's fixed at the source now. Smile

Thank you! I've been

Thank you! I've been suffering from this problem for some time. I only use VNC occasionally, but when I do I keep tripping over the fact that I can't type capital letters.

I wonder why this isn't the default in x11vnc?

Thanks man great one..

Thanks man great one..

Yee Haw! Thanks!

Yee Haw! Thanks!

AWAESOME!!! You were the

AWAESOME!!! You were the top result in Google and now I know why.

This works perfectly!